Telematics Developers is a specialist software solution provider for the mobility, finance and insurance industries.

With over 10 years experience developing bespoke software solutions for telematics and insurance companies, our expertise has grown into product ownership, risk management, machine learning, platform engineering, and more.

AI/ML Enhanced Applications
We can create models to predict events like journeys (car, bike, scooter, etc), crashes, suspicious behaviour, tampering, route planning, and more.

Mobile Development
We create beautiful and functional mobile apps for end customers and develop within the brand and theme guidelines.

Web Experts
We create incredible, fast websites using the latest technologies and best practices. With accessibility in mind, no customer is left behind.

Core Platform Development
We can develop and extend core systems to manage domain entities like contracts, policies, vehicles, devices, and users for any business purpose.

CI/CD and Automation
We can set up and manage continuous integration, continuous deployment, and other automation tasks across your git repositories.

Telematics Experts
We understand the telematics domain perfectly, from IoT devices, data transmission and transformation, business intelligence, and end-user portals.

Bitemporal Data Modelling
We can set up systems to understand and search for data across multiple time dimensions - including "real time" and "system time".

User Testing
We can distribute and test your applications across our network of testers to give real feedback on your projects.

Detailed Documentation
We document every aspect of our work to ensure it can be understood by all developers, internally and externally.

Incredible Support
Our team will be available for your every requirement, reachable using the tools your company is familiar with, across Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace, and more.